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You will find on this site a gallery of pictures which, I hope, will give you the wish to travel to Sweden or in one the other northern countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark) and not to limit you to visit Sweden in pictures. You will find pictures of Stockholm, Lapland or of Lofoten in Norway. If you want to look for information, share your passion for these countries or simply know more about this country, do not to hesitate to visit the forum where passioned people meet. It is mainly in french but other languages are welcome. To travel by plane, train or boat? Where to sleep? hotel, camp-site or vandrarhem? What to see, which to make? All these questions will find their answers in the articles published in the forum. And if the answer is not there, there will be always somebody to answer you even in english.


If you want to ask some questions or say what you think about Sweden or this site, don't hesitate. Please use the forum (link forum in the menu) so as everybody can participate on the discussion or email me.

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Une photo au hasard

Forum The High Coast in summer

The High Coast in summer

The high coast is known for its bays, its fisher villages with red houses and its islands.
The red houses in the fisher villages are very always a garage for the boat under the house.
This photo has been taken at Mjällom.